“We are pleased  with the impact you have had on our boys.  They truly do not want to miss a minute of your training.  They look forward to their agility training days and they have a clear competition between them as well as with the other kids. Your knowledge, process and positive reinforcement follows these guys home from your sessions.  Our boys are proud of themselves and they are proud of the others in the training sessions as well. It is a pleasure to work with you.  Our kids clearly love to work with you.  We are big fans and we’d be happy to be a reference for you any time.”
- Kurt Dommers: Athlete’s Parent

“Marty D Graham (coach D) is an amazing person and someone I am glad to call a lifelong friend and trainer. What stands out most about Marty is his personal willingness to see his athletes succeed, and the dedication he gives to training in every way. He works with kids, teenagers, and adults and I have seen nothing but his all given to each and everyone that has devoted their time to personal training. Coach D pushes you, but more than anything encourages you to get better at which ever sport you may be training for by doing the training with you. He stands behind his product because every step of the way he is there alongside his athlete’s training and doing it will a smile. In many ways, that kind of drive motivates you to strive for greater and to do your best knowing he isn’t just telling you what to do, but is experiencing this process of betterment with you. Honestly, Marty is as humble as they come and training wise is always there for your support. Aside from the outstanding training youwill receive from Marty is his great character. He always has knowledge on living right or healthy dieting, and again his willingness to take on these challenges with you speaks for itself. If you make the commitment to work with Marty he’s going to give the absolutely best of himself and bring the same out of you.”

- Grandville Taylor
- Grandville TaylorASU Linebacker

” My Family has forever been inspired by the training Mentor-ship of Marty D. Graham.  In Arizona we began training with him back in 2013.  With these training sessions and mentor-ship he provided, I noticed their strength and endurance increase drastically.  Starting with my Oldest son who was a devote football player for his high school but quickly excelled in his High school track team.  During his junior year he won 1st place in AZ State for the 200m event.  Then the following year he exceeded which was his senior year and won 1st in 100m and 200m in AZ State.  Which allowed him to achieve his goal of receiving a full paid scholarship to college.  He is now attending College at Eastern New Mexico University and carries that same hard work ethic and still holds a strong bond with Coach D. I also have two other children who are pursing different sports and doing exceptional in soccer, gymnastics and track.  I truly believe that it was the training and drive that allowed my kids to grow the confidence and strength to push themselves to do better in sports and academics.”

- Frances Parker